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APL Program, Version 1.1

The APL program provides a novel test for association in the presence of linkage using general nuclear family data. It correctly infers missing parental genotypes by estimating identity-by-descent parameters for multiple affected sibs even when linkage is present. The APL program performs both single locus and multiple locus haplotype analyses. The APL program also includes X-APL, a novel family-based method for testing association on the X chromosome. X-APL can perform sex-specific tests for X-chromosome markers. Single-locus and multiple-locus haplotype tests are also provided in X-APL.

APL was written in C++ for a Solaris 7 or higher Unix platform and the Linux 2.4 (or higher) Operating System and was compiled with the g++ compiler. It is also available for the windows platform. Please fill out the form below to download the APL Program. Enter the following in the "Input Word" field: APL_SOFTWARE

For further information or feedback, please contact apl@chg.duhs.duke.edu.






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