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A Study Implementation Group is available to consult with new users about how best to serve specific informatics needs. This consultation process maximizes project productivity and success, while ensuring appropriate subject protections, integration with analytic technologies, standardization of materials and methods, specimen and data integrity and security, and process efficiencies. The Study Implementation Group can assist with patient ascertainment, IRB issues, sample handling and storage, analytic technologies, informatics, data management and analysis, and budget development.

The Center for Human Genetics Clinical and Laboratory Informatics Core provides state-of-the art informatics services at highly competitive prices. Our charges for informatics development are based on an hourly rate for professional time to develop custom enhancements based on the PEDIGENE® platform that are designed per your requirements. Development time and costs are significantly lower than many other solutions due to the fact that the PEDIGENE platform already contains a full suite of features out-of-the-box upon which your study-specific needs are added.

Services offered include:

  • Secure and HIPAA-compliant databasing for clinical, laboratory, biologic sample, and omics (genotyping, gene expression and metabolomics) information using the Oracle database system
  • Integration with biobanking and genomic shared resources and services
  • Communication with other databases, including those of different database systems
  • Consultation/assistance with:
    • Study or repository setup, including setting up substudies and sites as appropriate
    • Design of participation materials (questionnaires, forms, etc.)
    • Preparation of data for statistical and/or genetic analysis
    • Database migration, including re-structuring the database if necessary
  • Customizable security for users to allow/deny data access based on the user's role and study involvement
  • Customizable data entry/editor forms as appropriate
  • Cross-field data validation/consistency checks with automatic reporting at customizable time intervals
  • Creation of ad-hoc and custom reports and queries, including the ability to extract and save data sets
  • Automatic field computations, both on data entry forms and in reports and queries
  • Ad-hoc or periodic/scheduled bulk import/export of data
  • Ability to make changes as study/repository needs change

Please contact Barbara Due at (919) 681-3561 to discuss needs and prices. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can facilitate your research.

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