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DNA Bank and Tissue Repository

Core Director: Michael Hauser, PhD
DNA Bank Manager: David Layfield

The DNA Bank and Tissue Repository at the Duke Center for Human Genetics has provided state-of-the-art BioBank services to the Duke academic community for more than 20 years. The Bank is open to all Duke researchers and in 2007, was approved as a School of Medicine Shared Resource. We are committed to providing rapid, low cost, high quality DNA extraction and associated services to human genome researchers.

CHG DNA Bank at a Glance
Tools for Existing Users
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CHG DNA Bank at a Glance

  • Contains approximately 500,000 samples
  • Has established more than 65,000 cell lines
  • Offers wide array of services to meet researchers' needs
  • Over 2500 square feet of lab space

The DNA bank uses state-of-the-art automation and robotics for the extraction and allocation of DNA. The NautilusTM (ThermoLabSystems) Laboratory Information Management System and PEDIGENE® are used to sign in and track samples through the collection, moving, storage, and allocation of samples. NautilusTM LIMS is also used to track and database sample variables such as quantity and quality of samples obtained, time to processing, and alternative DNA sources. Corresponding study, clinical, and auxiliary information is databased within the PEDIGENE® system, and can only be obtained by authorized individuals. Rigorous security measures are in place to ensure sample security and data confidentiality.

The DNA Bank and Tissue Repository is part of a group working to establish a Duke-wide BioBank infrastructure to integrate efforts from across the Duke campus. Other stakeholders in this effort include the Duke Translational Medicine Institute, the Institute for Genome Science and Policy, the Department of Pathology, and the Comprehensive Cancer Center, as well as multiple others.

Extensive quality-control ensures maximum investigator confidence in sample processing and storage. Rigorous security measures protect sample security and data confidentiality. The highly-experienced DNA Bank and Tissue Repository staff is committed to providing optimal service. Our established methodologies can easily handle large numbers of samples from around the world.

CHG DNA Bank Care Begins Before Sample Shipment

We ship and receive samples across the Duke campus and around the world. To alert DNA Bank personnel that samples are in transit, researchers can complete a Sample Shipment Form. For specific field trips, researchers can let the DNA Bank staff know when to expect sample shipments by completing a Field Trip Shipment Notification form.

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Tools for Existing Users

Collaborators can request DNA samples and check on existing sample requests here.

DNA extraction and re-extraction requests can be submitted here.

DNA re-quantitation requests can be submitted here.

Sample Watch Report requests can be submitted here.

Clinical Sample (Acquisition Form) Sign-In can be performed here.

Sample destruction requests (in the case of an Individual Withdrawal from a study) can be submitted here.

Information about the Molecular Genomics Core Facility can be found here.

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Getting Started

A Study Implementation Group is available to consult with new users about how best to serve specific BioBanking needs. This consultation process maximizes project productivity and success, while ensuring appropriate subject protections, integration with analytic technologies, standardization of materials and methods, specimen and data integrity and security, and process efficiencies. The Study Implementation Group can assist with patient ascertainment, IRB issues, sample handling and storage, analytic technologies, informatics, data management and analysis, and budget development.

The Center for Human Genetics DNA Bank and Tissue Repository provides state-of-the art services at highly competitive prices. Our charges for DNA bank services are based on estimated material and labor costs and depend on the specific services requested. Please contact David Layfield at (919) 668-0232 for prices.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can facilitate your research.

The CHG DNA Bank and Tissue Repository provides these services solely to IRB-approved researchers.

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