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Education and Outreach Core

CHG faculty members recognize our obligation to train the next generation of scientists and we take our responsibility to fulfill the educational mission of Duke University seriously. Our long history of post-doctoral training has necessitated development of extensive in-house mentoring opportunities including scientific design, manuscript preparation and review, critical literature review, grant preparation, and oral presentations. These components have been successfully translated into training opportunities for graduate students.

CHG faculty participate in a plethora of formal educational activities at a multitude of levels, including teaching in the medical school, graduate school, university, and at the high school level. Educational activities abound in practical, hands-on settings where trainees and collaborators are mentored in core activities of the CHG.

Graduate School Educational Activities:

CHG faculty are actively involved in the University Program in Genetics and Genomics (UPGG) program, both through teaching courses and mentoring students.

Medical School Educational Activities:

CHG Faculty are members of the curriculum committee; Dr. Michael Hauser is third-year study track director and several faculty are mentors; CHG faculty teach two courses in MGTP/CRP program, and we are developing on-line statistics for medical students.

Other Educational Activities:

  • Mentors for students from NC School of Science and Math and Duke University
  • Genomic literacy through the Genomedical Connection (formerly GGMI)
  • Research training for genetic counselors from Taiwan in collaboration with DUMC’s pediatric medical genetics/Y.T. Chen

Future Directions:

  • Focus on developing pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training programs
  • Expand coursework available in human genetics
  • Work with UPGG to develop concentration in human genetics
  • Identify other synergies for graduate faculty appointments

The mission of the education and outreach core is to develop world-class training programs to develop the next generation of scientific leaders in human genetics.

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