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Services/Shared Resources Overview

The Duke Center for Human Genetics (CHG) provides services and shared resources for investigators. Recognizing that study design and project support are an integral part of genetic research, we provide a team to assist researchers with new study initiatives and to determine pertinent technologies that will benefit the researcher. We provide expertise in patient ascertainment, IRB and IC issues, sample handling and storage, analytic technologies, informatics systems, data management and analysis, and budget development. To schedule a consultation, please contact Barbara Due via email or by phone at 681-3561.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are available to Duke investigators to promote genetic research. We provide support to identify the optimal use of our resources for the most benefit to fellow researchers. Use the Shared Resources tab to the left to explore these options.

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Research Overview

The CHG brings together faculty with clinical, molecular, and analytical expertise. This interdisciplinary approach, in an environment of close integration, leads to innovative approaches and solutions. Through partnerships with scientists and health care professionals, we are accelerating both disease gene discovery and the translation of these findings to advance health care.

Our research process begins with families, and hence, we rely on subject volunteers to participate in our studies. CHG genetic counselors, physician assistants, and data technicians meet with study participants to collect biological samples for genetic analysis and record their health and family histories.

The CHG is home to one of the largest US academic DNA banks employing the most sophisticated laboratory equipment available. Once biological samples arrive at our facility, laboratory technicians isolate and then store the DNA. All biological material, health and family histories, and research data are kept secure and confidential.

A state-of-the-art Molecular Genetics Core facility houses the types of equipment and developed infrastructure that enables researchers to carry out genetic, genomic, and epigenetic analyses.

We analyze clinical, family history, and DNA sequence information to determine genetic patterns associated with specific genetic disorders. This process is expedited by the use of powerful computing technology and state-of-the-art methods for interpreting genetic data.

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