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The Duke Center for Human Genetics (CHG) works with individuals throughout the world in its goal to add to the understanding of the genetic basis of human diseases. Research subjects and research families come to the CHG to learn about their diseases and to participate in studies that will add to the body of genetic knowledge involving a wide range of disorders.

Using the links to the left, you can learn about the studies currently underway at the CHG and how you and your family can participate. We have also provided three separate pages of information, including a glossary of genetic terms., an introduction to genetics, and a description on how we find genes.

The CHG maintains a fundamental respect for research subjects and their privacy. The Duke Health Enterprise Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) policy describes how medical information may be used and disclosed and how research subjects can get access to this information. The NPP policy document is available to all participants enrolled in our studies (see the pdf file below).

  Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)

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